Yayoi Japan Coaching Caroline Moeller - Consulting


Yayoi Japan Coaching will devise the right form of cross-cultural communication
to serve your needs: services that reflect your corporate image and success.

Japan has become much more international in recent years. A positive upshot of this
is the increasing willingness of the Japanese business world to welcome foreign partners.
Despite this, foreign companies must absolutely communicate their expert knowledge
in a form that meets the expectiations of Japanese culture. Paying attention to the
"little things" often appears unimportant to Europeans, but it is absolutely essential
to do business successfully in Japan.

Yayoi Japan Coaching wants to advise you on just this type of intercultural communication.
In order to facilitate your entry into the Japanese business world, we will provide you
with the know-how needed to interact with Japanese companies and will devise a concept
that fits your needs. In doing this we will assist you in building the kind of foundation
of trust that is required at the start of every successful business relationship.